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Success in the Pet Industry

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If you’re like most pet industry business owners, you’re a pet person first.

And if you’ve been searching for a marketing company to help grow your business, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not pet people.

Max Pet is different.

We specialize in helping pet industry entrepreneurs develop a brand voice that turns casual visitors into loyal customers, which leads to killer profits.

With killer profits, you’ll get to do what you do best – better the lives of pets and their people.


Are you looking for a team of passionate creatives? A team who gets fired up about petrepreneurs who are bursting with energy and single-minded determination?

Do you want to be another one-off client project in some portfolio? Or do you want to work with a team whose internal emails look a little something like this?

“Wow!  This is an amazing concept and we must find a way to share it with the world!!!”

Yes, our emails about your product, your dreams, and your values are filled with exclamation points. Our emails about your web presence… not so much.

It’s all wrong. It doesn’t fit who you aspire to be. It doesn’t speak to your client on a deeper level.

But you already knew that.  It’s why you’re here.  And that’s okay.

In fact, it’s freakin’ awesome. The first step to fixing what ails you is identifying what the heck it is.

Congrats on taking that step.

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Max Pet isn’t your one-size-fits-all, overnight solution to pet industry success.

It’d be nice if it worked that way, huh?  But we’re all about building long-term relationships with our clients. After all, how can we help you find your voice and connect with your customers if we don’t know you (and them) almost as well as we know ourselves?

We need to understand your business goals before we kick things off. You’ll start with our free 15-minute consultation, so that you can decide whether to choose from one of our recommended packages or build a customized solution created just for you.




We specialize in expert copywriting services, but we do things differently.  We use powerful, in-depth consumer research and principles of brand psychology to create a voice that is immediately recognizable and undeniably you.  You'll attract, engage, and convert casual visitors into loyal customers like you knew you could all along.


Have a solid brand but you're interested in expanding your reach? Or are you building a mailing list from the bottom up? If you want to capture email addresses to market to your customers later, you may have to sweeten the pot by offering something in return. It could be a simple coupon code, but many businesses offer free content like how-to guides, insider tips, and add-on items that can be downloaded instantly. Entice your customers by upping the ante with a lead magnet to seal the deal.



Want to add serious impact to your campaign launch with an exciting, engaging video? You choose the concept and we’ll make it happen. In need of a short video ad? Have a product that needs to be seen in action? Is your personality as the face of your brand just too stinkin’ great to hide? Add a video and watch the profits multiply.